Accidental Republic was created by Kevin Hodgetts in 2014 as a means to inject a bit more nihilism, nonsense and humour into the world. It began as a screen-printing joint where for years everything was produced by hand to a soundtrack of loud swearing and hollow maniacal laughter. 

In 2021, after a house move and losing access to a usable workspace the difficult decision to cease screen-printing was made. Nowadays the actual printing work is outsourced to an ethically concerned company who pay their employees a living wage and work in ways that minimise the environmental impacts. 

A major advantage of this print-on-demand arrangement is that the quality of the printing is far better than it used to be under my hapless ambit and the range of t-shirt colours is suddenly much expanded. It means I can stop having to disappoint people when I cannot find the required size and design in my vaults and it means that the central appeal of the Republic - the originality of the design work (otherwise known as 'the jokes') - gets to live another day. 

This is an outlet for ideas and humour that I hope contains some consolatory value for a certain group of people who may feel similarly alone, lost or bewildered. If you are not one of these people you have come to the wrong website.