“Of all the screenprinting joints in all the world you had to walk into this one…”

Accidental Republic is the modest yet still probably unfeasible dream of one man currently working in a cold studio somewhere in Mid-Wales. He is alone. The lighting isn’t good and the heating non-existent but nevertheless I think I detect a small idiotic smile on his face. It is because here, in this commotion of inks, screens and fabrics, no one can tell him what to do or how to do it. This is either because

a) no one is interested in what he is doing, or

b) he isn’t worth telling

Nevertheless, he carries on…

Students of Accidental Republic - for they are legion - have noticed an abiding thread or group of sentiments running across all of the output. This content (for want of a better word) has variously been described as downbeat, plain silly, smart-arsed, facile and absurdist. Although it is true that some of the designs work on more than one level, the level they all tend to have in common is the surface level of the fabric. In other words where the ink ends up. This is called screen-printing. 

As someone with a strong social conscience and interest in politics it is also important to me to operate in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. The impacts of manufacturing the t-shirts and the other fabric items i use in my printing have been kept to a minimum. The inks i use are all water-based which means they are free of the usual chemical muck used in other processes (such as heat transfer).

So, in short, I’m trying to create something small that makes a virtue of the handmade ethic and something that’s stands squarely behind progressive political principles. And to do something that makes me laugh on a regular basis. That too.