Accidental Republic was created by Kevin Hodgetts in 2014 as a means to inject a bit more nihilism, nonsense and humour into the world. As someone who always valued the disruptive and liberatory power of humour to transcend the everyday cruelties and banalities of life (and knew he wasn't the only one), he set about turning this defence mechanism and means of spiritual consolation into an actual business. It was unrealistic from the start but Kevin had already decided he'd had enough of being realistic.

Students of Accidental Republic (should they exist anywhere) might have noticed an abiding thread or group of sentiments running through the output. The content (for want of a better word) has variously been described as downbeat, plain silly, smart-arsed, facile and absurdist. Although it is true that some of the designs work on more than one level, the level they all tend to have in common is the surface level of the fabric or paper. In other words where the ink ends up. This is called printing. 

As someone with a strong social conscience and interest in politics it was also crucial to operate in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible. The environmental impacts of manufacturing the t-shirts (and other products) used in the printing have been kept to a minimum. The inks used are all water-based which means they are free of the usual chemical muck used in other processes .

The reason it is called Accidental Republic is to do with the intent to create products that are genuinely original and unique. Artefacts that are wobbly, wonky, unruly, obviously made by a human being. It is against all that is deadening about the corporate, machine-made fare that dominates our high streets: clean, consistent, impersonal, sterile commodities. 

They are artefacts with personality, attitude and sometimes even mood-swings. 

Welcome to our world.