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  • Compulsory Christmas newsletter

    Have you noticed on those ‘Thought for the Day’ radio pieces how many times pastors, priests, chaplains and bishops et al are, we are led to believe, “reminded of Jesus”. Be it contemplating how difficult it is to prize a lid off a jar of jam, achieve the precise balance between teabag, water, milk and […]
  • Planet of the Aprons: because evolution is a messy business

    The media seem to be saturated at the moment with apocalyptic stories of robots taking our jobs, robots generally assuming unheard of levels of power and influence in worldly affairs and robots getting preferential treatment in the allocation of allotments. Personally I don’t buy any of it for one very good reason. HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN […]
  • Discrimination end game/festival apocalypse

    Are there still shops in the world bravely holding out against the cold dead hand of corporate blandness? Is there a candle still flickering in that forgotten side street known as Independent Passage? We put the question because we at Accidental Republic are on the looky-outey for quirky boutiques that might want to stock our […]
  • If it looks like the Governor of the Bank of England…

    The suavely dressed man was running his finely manicured fingers along a rail of my t-shirts at the Wilderness Festival when my forensic-like radar clocked him. He reminded me of someone I’d seen before. His effortless urbanity and cool demeanour suggested we could be playing out a scenario from a Nescafe advert if only I hadn’t […]
  • There’s only ham (and the wisdom of elders).

    My mother came to visit me recently and prone as she is to delivering broadsides of devastating wisdom, she left me with this one to ponder: “There is only ham”. “If you think about it. What else is there?” I perhaps ought to give some context to this insight. She had been ruminating on providing […]
  • Bird of a different feather

      A few weeks ago a well-meaning friend of mine bought me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up. I was naturally puzzled but decided to give it a go. Unfortunately the flowers did nothing to cheer me up. I watched them intently. In truth the whole idea perplexed me. How could they cheer […]