Cats officially recognised as funny animals by Accidental Republic

It's been a long time coming but I've finally given in to the relentless pressure of the cat lobby and produced a cat-based t-shirt. I know I took some persuading but here it is. I hope you like it. The Stand-Up for Cats shirt comes in a women's fitted jersey and a men's/unisex one too.


Websites have pointy bits apparently

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a slightly different look to our website. That is because much work has been going-on by our technical team led by Mr Hawkins (he is the team, there's no one else) to move the site to a different location on the internet with better views. As you can imagine this is easier said than done but Old Hawkins who likes nothing better than laughing in the face of technical challenges took hold of the tablecloth that was underpinning the old site and snatched it off without disturbing a single piece of cutlery or glassware. Such is his gimlet-eyed expertise and flair for misdirection, not even one customer looked up from eating their dinners. A Royal Variety Performance surely beckons.

All that remains apparently is to call in 3 or 4 big fellas who can rotate the new site so it points exactly at our customers. According to Hawkins this might take a few goes. 

Is the public taking the piss or what?

Now cats have been added to the galleries of my collection the full list of animals reads as thus: horses, elephants, beavers, bunnies, squirrels, otters, fish, alligators, mouses, birds, monkeys and apes and now mogs. Bearing this impressive menagerie in mind it is worth relating an encounter I had with a potential customer at Green Man festival earlier this summer. After looking carefully at all the wares on my store she turned to me with a slightly disappointed look and asked "I don't surprise you've got anything with camels on have yer?"

She seemed in earnest have to wonder.