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  • Bad light stops printing

    The meter readings were below zero which is why the last print he attempted missed the t-shirt and ended up on the side of a fridge.
  • Unusual and original, unique and cool keyword blog special.

    I am convinced that my customers buy my wares because in large part they understand and enjoy the humour and the ironic intent. Having said that there was that American couple who bought a There's Only Ham t-shirt (no longer available) because they liked ham. It's a toss up to be honest.
  • Moving house with the Fortescues

    Much was made of the impressive inventory skills that Sandra brought to the project and Bob’s resourcefulness in getting all their Ikea furniture down five flights of stairs sustaining only minimal damage to a sideboard and his shins.
  • Arranging deckchairs on The Titanic: a radical reappraisal 

    Tomorrow I will put out the deck chairs and I will be hailed as the genius I am.
  • Meaningless Cheese™ - a review

    The other day I had my first experience with Meaningless Cheese™ and it fairly shook my world to its foundations. Even now, five days later, I can ...
  • No, I have not been in prison. Apart from the prison of my mind.

    One of the hassles of being a famous screen-printer constantly in the public eye is the amount of bonkers conspiracy theories about me doing the rounds. 
  • Cats officially recognised as funny animals by Accidental Republic

    Now cats have been added to the galleries of my collection the full list of animals reads as thus: horses, elephants, beavers, bunnies, squirrels, otters, fish, alligators, mouses, birds, monkeys and apes and now mogs.
  • BBC confirm Lieutenant Columbo as new Question Time presenter

    The BBC have today announced Lieutenant Columbo is to be the new presenter of their flagship current affairs programme, Question Time. Columbo, who is rumoured to be 103 years of age will take over the role from 79 year old David Dimbleby in September. The appointment is widely seen as a surprise move by the […]
  • Martinis as a treatment for creative block

    The other day I happened across a recipe for a martini, a drink I’ve heard a lot about but never tried. The recipe turns out be quite simple which is the way I like my recipes. A martini is mostly gin as it happens. With a bit of vermouth and some ice and a wedge […]
  • Stories and the bastards who tell them.

    It has been suggested to me by a number of well-meaning folk that I need to develop stories around my products and business – narratives that help to explain and contextualise what it is I’m doing and offering. Sequences of words and images that put together correctly become paths of common understanding that offer easy […]
  • I’m feeling a bit Lee Marvin today. How are you?

    In many of life’s rich experiences it is clear that language – that means by which we attempt to fumble towards a degree of empathy with one another – just isn’t up to the task. Not only is it not up to the task, in certain instances, it is revealed to be an absolute herring […]
  • Compulsory Christmas newsletter

    Have you noticed on those ‘Thought for the Day’ radio pieces how many times pastors, priests, chaplains and bishops et al are, we are led to believe, “reminded of Jesus”. Be it contemplating how difficult it is to prize a lid off a jar of jam, achieve the precise balance between teabag, water, milk and […]