Hand-printed, limited edition t-shirts expressing the hurt and pain of existence.

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Humorous sensibility

Occupying a space somewhere between nihilistic despair and random silliness, we are here because we need to be. Somebody has to say this stuff.

“No Harm” approach

There is so much crap and noise in the world already we always hesitate before creating anymore and when we do we make sure to do it in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way possible.

Please check sizes!

If you're a returning customer please be aware that we have changed our base t-shirts to Stanley/Stella organic cotton. These are higher quality garments but the fit is slightly snugger. Please check the provided size chart before ordering.

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It’s just weird stuff. Let’s go.

A Sharp Person

I thought it was a clothes shop.
It isn’t a clothes shop.

A Wise Person

This isn’t the leather shop.

An Unhappy Person

We don’t have anything like this in America.

An American Person

It’s nice to find somewhere to buy good quality t-shirts that haven’t been made by children in sweatshops.

A Good Person

The hangers are nice.

A Creative Person

My t-shirt still smells great after wearing it for three days.

A Festival Person

I don't even buy bloody t-shirts!

A Reluctant Customer