Behold, the unholy clatter of printed matter!

Original and witty t-shirts for men. Unique and cool t-shirts for women. Funny t-shirts for children. All screen-printed by hand and eco-friendly and all that.

We are still heroically sending out orders during the lockdown!

Humorous sensibility

All our output has been soaked in an especially dry & surreal wit, extracted from the nearby Snowdonia humour mines. This gives our stuff it’s unmistakable identity.

“No Harm” approach

We use water-based environmentally-friendly inks and responsibly-sourced organic t-shirts with a 90% reduced carbon dioxide footprint.

All made by hand

We make all our designs in-house, by hand and with simple hand-propelled equipment. It’s like the Industrial Revolution never happened.

Blog posts

Welcome to Accidental Republicanism

Not so much a shop or a brand. More like an orphanage for unruly products and subversive humour. 


I thought it was a clothes shop.
It isn’t a clothes shop.

A Wise Person

It’s just weird stuff. Let’s go.

A Sharp Person

This isn’t the leather shop.

An Unhappy Person

It’s nice to find somewhere to buy good quality t-shirts that haven’t been made by children in sweatshops.

A Good Person

We don’t have anything like this in America.

An American Person

The hangers are nice.

A Creative Person

I don't even buy bloody t-shirts!

A Confused Person

My t-shirt still smells great after wearing it for three days.

A Festival Person